Best Nudist Experiences in Thailand

I want to invite you to take advantage of some of the very best nudist experiences in Thailand. Thailand, as many of you may already know, has long had their doors open to an immense swarm of travellers. For tourists and backpackers alike, Thailand is a right of passage. From its full moon parties and turquoise waters to temples, elephant sanctuaries to the central metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand is a haven for new experiences.

And whether it's your first delve into this part of the world or you've come to enjoy a consistent lifestyle, Thailand has recently seen an increase in naturist travel too.

Casual and sincere minded nudists alike agree the country has enormous potential as a nude destination because of its year-long warm weather and temperate nights and beautiful beaches. While the Thai kingdom has a generally liberal outlook compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, it's still taboo to be nude or topless on nearly every beach in the country. So clearly, having a plan to accommodate a naturist vacation is necessary.

Nude Beach

Best Nudist Experiences in Thailand

For many backpackers, adventure travellers, and digital nomads, nudist resorts present a new opportunity to try something different. Adventure travellers used to the thrill of exciting activities such as zip-lining or skydiving may find a nudist resort a chance to embrace the liberation of a different sort. An advantage of naturist resorts in Thailand is many of the resorts are accessible from main city hubs throughout the country.

As an example, a digital nomad stressed out and working all day at a co-working space in Bangkok could hop across to a nudist resort and immerse themselves in the relaxing and good-feelings atmosphere that longtime nudists have with their lifestyle.

For modern travellers, many people feel passionate about community, and often, naturists are no different - consisting of groups of genuinely open and friendly participants.

We highly recommend giving naturism a try, and our friends at AllTheRooms have arranged a quick guide to the best destinations in Thailand to embrace an au naturel lifestyle, shedding not only your inhibitions but your clothing as well.

Best Nudist Experiences in Thailand

Oriental Village

Outside of Chaing Mai, an ancient and beautiful city in the North of Thailand awaits Oriental Village. Though the Oriental Village is the first naturist resort in Chiang Mai, the setting here is in a prime location amongst mountains and rice fields.

In this village you can participate in several lawn games such as badminton or can get help planning clothed excursions to do activities like meeting elephants, visiting temples, and going zip-lining. Accommodation in the village includes staying in an elegant cottage with a community pool and an on-site restaurant serving both Thai and Western classics.

Oriental Village Resort - Chiang Mai

The Lemon Tree

On the opposite side of the country, sitting on the Southern peninsula is Lemon Tree, a resort near the beautiful Naiharn Beach. Just a stone's throw away from the bustling tourist paradise of Phuket, Lemon Tree is a tranquil escape from crowds and clothes. However, if you find yourself missing the big smoke, you'll be able to take advantage of the city's proximity to the resort as management here provides free bikes.

The resort welcomes guests to participate in many of the naturist-bonding opportunities like BBQs, movie nights, dances, and cooking classes. If you're not the kind of person who wants to sit by the pool all day, Lemon Tree's owner arranges day trips to a nearby, secluded beach where you are free to roam in the nude.

Lemon Tree has seen so much success that they will soon be opening another nudist resort called Peace Blue Naiharn in November 2018. I'll be updating you on that later.

The Lemon Tree Resort - Phuket

The Chan Resort

South of Bangkok near the coast, is the city of Pattaya, known for its nightlife, shopping, beaches, and ornate wooden temples. Highlighting excellent service, including homemade food, the Chan Resort seeks to provide a quainter naturist atmosphere. The resort maintains a mantra that's very passionate about Vitamin D.

A look through their website reveals the belief that the human body is not meant to be inside or clothed. For that reason, you will find that most of the guests spend their time outside at the pool, which the staff claim has health benefits like improving mood and strengthening the immune system. I'll let you be the judge with this one.

The Chan Resort - Pattaya

Barefeet Naturist Resort

Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Barefeet Naturist Resort is an attractive facility with multiple activities in which you can participate. However, you should note that this resort may not be the best option for beginner nudists.

While the majority of the other resorts on our list offer sarongs or towels for those who'd like to warm up before getting nude in the common areas, Barefeet explicitly says that they expect their guests to disrobe and remain in the buff for the entirety of time spent there. If you are comfortable with this arrangement, you can enjoy different types of massages, a sauna, a hot tub and romantic dinners.

Barefeet Naturist Resort - Bangkok

Phuan Naturist Village

One of Thailand's newest nudist havens; the Phuan Naturist Resort includes several villas and bungalows encircling a beautiful palm-lined pool with a small waterfall. Phuan, which means "friend" in Thai, is more than happy to welcome all nudists to their village, whether you're a first-timer, a family or a couple. (gay or straight) Singles are also welcome. This naturist resort is just south of Pattaya and could quickly become the top-pick for naturists in many years to come.

Phuan Naturist Village - Pattaya

Khao Yai National Park

Though there is little information available online, Khao Yai National Park is said to welcome nude hikers. We recommend that you reach out to the park or the Naturist Association of Thailand before visiting to confirm details. Naked or not, Khao Yai, in Central Thailand, is worth checking out as it's home to unique landscapes, abundant waterfalls, and exotic animals like elephants, monkeys, and porcupines.  

Khao Yai National Park

Naturist Association of Thailand

For the Best Nudist Experiences in Thailand, a fantastic resource for naturist travel in Thailand is the organization known as the Naturist Association of Thailand. They authorize many resorts, organize events, and keep travellers up to date on any necessary information to nudists in the country.

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