Naturist Resort in Phuket

Nestled on the Tranquil Nai Harn Beach

Lemon Tree Resort

Naturists from around the world have welcomed the first Naturist Resort in Phuket with such immense enthusiasm. So much so, this is what every naturist visiting one of Thailand's best-loved islands had been waiting to hear. And especially as other towns and cities in Thailand had opened their arms to similar naturist environments.  

The Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket is in a unique setting where visitors can relax in perfect harmony with all the beauty nature intended. It's where you'll find the most beautiful sea, sun and sand in all the land. It's also nestled in one of the most popular tourist regions right on the tranquil Nai Harn Beach, south of Phuket Island.

Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket

Naturist Resort in Phuket

The resort is in a serene spot, and just a few minutes drive from Rawai Beach and one hour away from the Phuket International Airport. For your convenience and nearby, there are loads of places to shop, like the FamilyMart, only 500 metres away from the resort.

There's also a friendly 7-11 convenient store nearby as well as several local and international restaurants. Just a two-minute walk from the resort is the Le Celtique Bar and Restaurant, famous for both French and Thai cuisine. And we cannot exclude all the clubs, pubs and bars that are within easy walking distance, less than a kilometre away.

The resort will even provide you with a bicycle so that you can take a leisurely ride to the shops or your favourite beach spot in the area. Don't forget to ask management at the resort the whereabouts of Nude Beach and Island as it's just a stone throw away from the resort.

Lemon Tree Resort is an active member of the Naturist Association of Thailand and a Resort Plus member of Australian Naturist Federation. 

Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket

Naturist Resort in Phuket

What the Lemon Tree Resort aims to do, is provide you with a natural habitat where you can become one with nature without the restrictions of clothes. It's a special place where you can feel good about yourself, but also about being in the company of other like-minded people.

It's also about building bonds and relationships you never thought possible anywhere else on the island. Now and then, is it not great to touch down with nature in the altogether or as naked as the day you were born, both for your good health and wellbeing.

And just so you know, the Lemon Tree Resort welcomes all its overnight guests as well as any day visitors. While clothing is optional here, please understand that this is not a place for open sexual activities. That I have to say, would be for your private interest only.

Lemon Tree makes it clear that while they are not a naturist mandatory resort, they are, however, a naturist friendly resort. One cannot argue with that. The address of the resort is 80/160 Moo 7 Baan Saiyuan Soi Huay Nam Toe, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand 83130.

Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket

Lemon Tree Resort - Accommodation

Accommodation at the Lemon Tree Resort is on par with the very best there is on the island. The resort consists of nine fully furnished and well-equipped bungalows, each with a stylishly decorated 45-metre room and en-suite bathroom. All the cottages are designed for your maximum comfort and relaxation and centred around a communal child-friendly swimming pool. 

During your stay at the resort, you'll also have full access to all the facilities, including the swimming pool, internet and cable TV. There are an on-site restaurant and an around the clock reception to cater for every need. Also included is a fully functional kitchen at your disposal.

Also, on the premises is the Baan Phu Thai Pool Villa, an elegant two-story Thai style villa, complete with two en-suite bedrooms, your private pool, a home theatre living room and a fully functional kitchen. The villa is suitable for a family or friends of up to six people. Both the villa and the bungalows will provide you with all the creature comforts required to make your holiday, the best you could ever imagine.

Lemon Tree Resort - Kitchen Area

Lemon Tree Resort - Activities

Besides all the various day trips to the idyllic islands and beautiful beaches in the near vicinity, the Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket is happy to arrange a tonne of in-house activities for you to enjoy.

The resort arranges private barbeque events for you and your loved ones, or if you so wish, a group affair so that you can mingle with some new-found friends. Everything needed to make the barbeque a success gets provided. You relax and enjoy the special moment. And the bar is always open to offer you a whole host of beverages, including ice-cold beers, soft drinks, fruit shakes and assorted snacks.

The resort also organises special events such as cocktail parties, movie nights and dance evenings. Also, whether on your own or as a group, there are plenty of other enterprising activities to enjoy. Indoor and outdoor massage, swimming naked in the pool, cooking classes as well as walking, jogging and cycling trails. These are just some of the many activities that are available to you at the Lemon Tree Resort.

En-Suite Bathroom with outside Shower

Naturist Resort in Phuket - The Beaches 

Once you're settled in at the Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket, don't forget to ask management or a staff member at the reception desk that you're keen to visit the nude beach in the area. Because about fifteen minutes from the resort is Nui Beach, a private little cove where you're welcome to wear your birthday suit.

Apart from a spot of nude sunbathing, you can also go surfing and kayaking. But to get there, you'll have to travel by a four-wheel-drive vehicle or a quad bike as the road leading to the beach is all gravel. No worries there because Lemon Tree has got you covered on this one. They'll take care of your requirements should you need any.

Nui Beach

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beachon the other hand, is a pristine beach practically right on the doorstep of the Lemon Tree Resort and only a few minutes drive from the famous Rawai Beach. You'll find this pristine beach right along the rocky shoreline at the southernmost tip of Phuket Island.

While the beach itself has little shade to speak of, it does offer you an almost white stretch of silky sand on which to relax and soak up the sun. And the crystal clear waters around these parts are a magnet for divers and snorkellers, with the best sites located to the north of Ao Sane Beach. Just offshore is where you'll find a small coral outcrop.

And if you are into the whole surfing thing, you can make that happen too. There are two places in which to surf on Nai Harn Beach. One is where the reef breaks right in front of the Naiharn Phuket, formally known as the Phuket Yacht Club. Just be aware that some of the swells there can get pretty scary at times, though quite manageable. The other surfing spot is on the southern end of the beach. The long sandbank there offers you a much smoother surfing ride.

What is particularly pleasing about Nai Harn Beach, is there's little in the way of development. All thanks to the Samnak Song Monastery. It occupies most of the land on the central and southern stretch of the beach. Also, sharing restricted development is the vast reservoir here, where the locals love to go fishing in their paddle boats. The park on the reservoir's island is also a great place in which you can enjoy a brisk jog or a stroll.

For those of you who want to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the Nai Harn Beach area, then go and check out the mini village, set just behind the lake. It's a great place to go walkabout. Further back from the beach is the actual town Nai Harn where you'll find a large selection of bars and a whole host of places to eat.

You can easily spend the better part of your day exploring this region. Should you require any assistance, just any staff member at the Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket to point you in the right direction.

Nai Harn Beach - Phuket

Ya Nui Beach and Koh Yao Noi Island

Ya Nui Beach on the southern tip of Phuket Island is not far from the resort. Please do not confuse this beach with Nui Beach. This one is a family-friendly beach that lies between two incredible viewpoints, one of which is the famous tourist viewpoint at Phrom Thep and the other is where some rather large white wind-driven power generators are in place. And just offshore from the beach is a small island called Koh Yao Noi. 

Apart from sunbathing on this charming beach cove, other activities include surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and the occasional fishing, if that's what floats your boat. As always in Phuket, the sand here is just too beautiful. It's white and super silky soft.

And if you look out across the ocean, you'll see the small island of Koh Yao Noi, which is only about 700 metres away. Only brave fishers would dare climb the rocky promontory to cast their nets.

Ya Nui Beach and Koh Yao Noi Island

Naturist Resort in Phuket - Cosy Island

The Lemon Tree Naturist Resort in Phuket has another surprise waiting for those of you who'd love to be free as a bird while in this magical part of the world. Wouldn't it be great to go swimming and snorkelling naked on a relatively undisturbed island? 

You can make that a reality because close to Rawai Beach is Cosy Island, a small and relatively undisturbed island where you can do just that. It's a ten-minute drive from the Lemon Tree Resort to Rawai Pier and then a fifteen-minute (two kilometres) long-tail boat out to sea to reach the island.

Because the island and the beach here are private, there is a small transfer and entrance fee. But you need not worry as the Lemon Tree Resort will take care of all the arrangements for you to make your trip a real pleasure. And as a guest of the resort, you can book your excursion to the island directly from the resort's reception area. 

During your trip to Cosy Island, you'll be able to get in touch with what nature on a private island is genuinely all about. You'll be able to relax for the day while interacting with the island's tiny crabs as well as seeing how local fisherman go about their daily lives in these parts.

Aerial View of Cosy Island

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