Thailand Naturist Resort

Phuan Village Naturist Resort in Sattahip

Welcome to the latest Thailand Naturist Resort wholly owned by four amazing Thai sisters. The resort called Phuan Naturist Village opened its doors for the first time in November 2017 in Sattahip which is just 15 kilometres south of Pattaya via Route 3.

The uniqueness of Phuan Village is not found at any other naturist resort, hotel or business anywhere else in the world. This one is owned, managed and staffed by women. Yes, you read that correct. To our knowledge and research, this has never happened in the annals of naturism before. Naturism in Thailand has been growing and developing since 2007 and is following the traditional ethics of naturism in Europe.

The fact that women are in charge of this particular Thailand Naturist Resort does give a slightly different perspective to this special venue even if it may not be that significant. Women who choose to visit Phuan Village and are brand new to the world of naturism will certainly be more comfortable here and will also feel empathy being together. This certainly will help first-timers.

Naturist Relaxing in the Sun

Thailand Naturist Resort

Phuan Naturist Village has the largest naturist swimming pool in Thailand covering some seventeen metres by eight metres. The resort also has many facilities and activities such as a sauna, a full-time Thai chef, a pool table, a bar, a lounge area, karaoke, a badminton area, and a trained in-house masseuse.

Coupled with this, you'll find that the staff are extremely friendly and engaging to the extent that your stay here will be most enjoyable. It's also a blessing that the staff are all female as well as being proactive naturists themselves.Not only that, you'll find a kind of hospitality unmatched by their male counterparts.

You'll find that the price of accommodation is remarkably reasonable as is the cuisine here. Not only is the food scrumptious, it's also of an exceptionally high standard. 

The grounds are what you might expect in a tropical climate with beautiful orchids, palm trees of different varieties, exotic ferns, shrubs and flowers everywhere. The word lush springs to mind as you walk around the vast grounds. That being said, there are numerous tourist attractions in and around this region. If you should decide not to venture out by car, you'll also be able to hire a bicycle and explore the neighbourhood at leisure.

Wooden Thai Style Bungalows

Thailand Naturist Resort

The basic accommodations are quaint Thai style wooden bungalows with all the modern conveniences such as a full bath, WiFi, cable TV, aircon and a nice front porch to enjoy the fresh country air. These are perfect for one or two people and you could even throw in a small child and it would not be too cramped. Free breakfast with room and coffee, tea and water all day.

The upgrade accommodations are in full villas. You can have your choice of either a full villa or choosing one of the two spacious bedrooms as shared lodging with shared bath. The villas have an extra-large living room, dining area and non-cooking kitchen area as well as a front porch.  All villas have cable TV, WiFi and aircon in living rooms and bedrooms.

Phuan Village Resort Pool

Thailand Naturist Resort Rules

Yes, there are some rules here and that's quite justifiable for several reasons. Things like photography or video recording are not permitted as is inappropriate behaviour among guests as well as staff members. Please, please guys, there simply cannot be any explicit sexual behaviour in public areas.

That part can only be conducted in the privacy of your private quarters. The management reserves the right to remove any guest who abuses these rules from the resort without refund for any violations of the above. Keep it clean and have a fun time.

Accommodation at Phuan Village Resort

Facilities at Phuan Village Resort

In July 2017 a business group of Thai women started planning a naturist resort outside of Pattaya. They went through several design concepts until they eventually had plans drawn up by an architect and submitted them to the land office for approval.

After having to go through several revisions requested by the land office they came across a developed property and they realised it was perfect for naturism. With a few modifications for privacy and upgrading it was ready and opened November 1, 2017, with the name Phuan Naturist Village. Phuan means "friends" in Thai.

The facilities at Phuan Village comprises of 13 Rooms with either King and Queen size beds. All the units have air-conditioning and a refrigerator. The accommodation is tobacco-free. There is the enormous pool as well as lawn and nude sunbathing areas, a small sauna and free parking for all guests of the resort.

Phuan Village Resort Accommodation

Transfers from Airports to Phuan Village 

If you are flying directly to Thailand, Phuan Village resort will arrange a pickup and return transfers to any of the Bangkok airports as well as pickup and return transfers from the airport in Rayong.

Phuan Village Resort Accommodation

Naturist Relaxing in Style

Getting to the Thailand Naturist Resort

This Thailand Naturist Resort is located south of Pattaya in Sattahip in Huay Yai. It's truly unique in the naturist world as it's owned and managed by four independent and determined Thai women. There has never been a naturist resort, club, hotel, or any other venue that has been owned and managed by four women.

To get to Phuan Naturist Resort, simply follow these directions by road from Pattaya. From Thep Prasit Road, drive 10.2 kilometres (12 min) south on Sukhumvit Road towards Sattahip. Then turn left on Na Chom Thian 13 Soi towards the Phoenix Golf Course and the Dolphin Show. Drive another 4.2 kilometres (5min) and you will see Phuam Naturist Village to your left. You will also see that there's plenty of parking in front of the resort. 

Layout of the Phuan Naturist Village 

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