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Another Side of Nudism in Pattaya 

Rama Kien is a small Nudist Resort on the outskirts of Pattaya near Jomtien beach in Thailand, where swingers seeking swinging couples from around the world want to get together, not only to undress but also to experience the pleasures of other like-minded non-conformists. The only requirements are that you must be twenty years or older and a couple. No singles are allowed in.

However,  not every story has a happy ending as one couple recently found out to their dismay and then later wrote to me to express their heartfelt feelings. Initially, this particular couple approached me seeking advice on alternative adult clubs in Thailand, where couples could come together in a private and intimate environment. And with that - here is their account of how they were received and treated at Rama Kien. It's not your typical love story.

Nudist Resort - This is their Story

On entering the resort, we were shocked at - firstly to find that the reality of it all, was that privacy was non-existent. The only thing that may have been a tad private was the resort itself. With its sixteen standard rooms and one deluxe suite set on two floors and centralised around a pool, it hardly set the pace for seclusion, never mind any seduction. Perhaps you have a different view.

My wife and I visited the nudist resort for three days in October 2012 (minimum stay is two days), and our disappointment became apparent almost immediately. It was how we had been treated that felt antagonistic right from the start. On arriving at the check-in counter, and while mainly standing motionless, with suitcases still in hand, we had to remove all our clothing - by the self-serving Dutch owner, who appeared to be more interested in getting his grubby paws on the lady guests.

They have a rule here which states that you as a guest are not allowed any clothes on outside your room whatsoever. They don't even let you have a towel. You need to obey this rule or leave the premises. However, this same rule seems to exclude any staff member. Now, how's that for exclusivity. Two staff members regularly and seemingly wander around and watched our every move. We thought they might have been a little on the gay side, but that was entirely our perception.

The only bona fide retreat was inside the room itself. Having said this, you also have to take into consideration that the rooms (on the ground floor anyway) couldn't be more than ten metres from across the pool. We did not want to waste any time measuring the actual distance. You'll just have to take our word on that one. What we do have to tell you though is that in all fairness to the place, the room we had, was neat, clean and comfortable but then you'd expect that anyway especially at a naturist resort such as this. 

However, during the day we had a choice to go out anywhere we wanted around Pattaya or Jomtien (naturally fully clothed of course) or we could simply hang around the pool checking out the potential.

We could also have a drink or two at the bar while chatting to any guest we approached or any guest who wanted to approach us. It was that simple. What was not so great was the prices of drinks, which we found to be extremely expensive. Prices outside in most of the other bars in and around Pattaya and Jomtien were a lot less expensive.

The place was that small that guests were in our face much of the time. We were at pains to either sit around the bar or lay around the pool the whole day. Nothing much happens during the week except on a Saturday, but I'll get to that shortly.

What we do need to mention, however, is that no swinging whatsoever appears to take place during the week, which was the reason why we decided to come to this particular resort in the first place. It seemed we were not given correct information right from the start as to the protocol we had originally expected.

During our three day stay at this nudist resort, there were only five couples, which we had to admit had a collective age of around five hundred - meaning the average age was about fifty. There was not one person in their twenties or thirties. We think that the youngest person there was in their forties.

And just so you know, there were no naked beauties here either. You'd think that there would, at the very least be a Jacuzzi at the resort - only a sauna, but who needs a sauna when it's hot as hell out there anyway. Most of the year the weather is scorchingly warm.

On a Saturday night, we at the nudist resort, there was a swinging party. However, most couples in attendance were from outside the resort. Elderly western men with their young Thai lady counterparts were also there, which we suspected could have been Thai lady prostitutes or even perhaps Thai ladyboy prostitutes. Perhaps the owner has a regular rent a crowd whom he gets from the outside.

All in all, we had a terrible time at the Rama Kien nudist resort and couldn't wait to leave. We would certainly not recommend this place to anyone we know or for that matter anyone reading this article. The cost of our room then was 2,000 Baht per day.

Naturist Resort Chiang Mai

Naturist Resort in Thailand

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The resorts offer superb accommodation in serene settings. One is in a centrally located part of the capital. Another is among some of the most spectacular mountain scenery you could wish. And the other is close to some of the best nude islands and beaches. These resorts also offer you plenty of amenities and activities to enjoy from temple trips, rock climbing, elephant trekking, snorkelling, and so much more. 

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