Is Vaping Legal in Thailand in 2021?

Vaping, or the use of e-cigarettes, has been banned in Thailand since 2014. While the locals are probably aware of the strict laws prohibiting vaping in Thailand, many tourists are not. You may have heard of tourists being heavily fined after they were caught with vaping devices. You can be fined up to $945 USD or face a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Despite these strict laws prohibiting vaping in Thailand, the e-cigarettes industry has been rapidly growing. In 2019, Thailand's vaping industry was estimated to be worth over 190 million USD. This is an astoundingly large figure considering that vaping is banned but also accounts for 5% of Thailand's tobacco industry.

Several tourists in Thailand have found themselves on the wrong side of the law because they have been either caught vaping in public or simply having e-cigarettes with them. If you are planning a holiday in Thailand, you shouldn't vape in the big cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. The authorities there do not accept excuses that any vape device is for your personal use.

Thailand's Vaping Laws

Several people are aware of the restrictions barring them from using e-cigarettes or even possessing them. These restrictions have been commonly referred to as Thailand Vape Laws. However, there is no specific law that has been passed to prohibit vaping in Thailand.

The Thailand Vape Laws only restrict the importation, export, selling or owning vaping devices. Despite this, some locals and tourists have been heavily fined because they have been found vaping regardless of whether the vapes are sourced from reputable dealers such as ePuffer. The heavy fines have been attributed to the Thai policemen who take advantage of the vape laws to heavily punish people who do not know the rules.

Will vaping in Thailand become legal in 2021?

Despite the Thai Vaping Laws being in place, successfully implementing the vaping ban has been a great challenge. In fact, the Thai Knowledge Management Centre (TRC) was forced to look at the legal obstacles that make it difficult to implement the vaping ban. At the same time, TRC had to come up with recommendations on how vaping and e-cigarettes in Thailand can be regulated.

It is important to note that nowhere in the TRC report has it been mentioned that vaping will ultimately be legal in Thailand. As much as the prospects look promising, for now vaping remains illegal until such laws governing the taxation of vapes and e-cigarettes have been put in place. It is therefore advisable to leave your vape device at home when visiting Thailand to avoid hefty fines, deportation or even prison.

Can I carry my vaping device to Thailand?

Thai Vape Laws strictly prohibit you from possessing a vape device. To be on the safe side, it is better not to carry your vaping device with you. However, there are reports online saying that there are signs in Thai airports informing people about the vape carrying rules. These reports say that if you must carry your e-cigarette device, make sure it is in your hand luggage. Bear in mind that this does not make vaping in Thailand legal. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, bringing vapes and vape devices to Thailand for personal use only is allowed.

Is there a place where you can buy a vape in Thailand?

Thai Vape Laws have been strict over the years but surprisingly the e-cigarette industry in Thailand has been expanding rapidly. This means that it is possible to buy a vaping gear in Thailand, although this is not legal. It has been reported that you can buy vaping devices and vape juices at Patong beach because the dealers bribe the police to allow them to conduct their business.

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