Thai Massage and Health Spas

A relaxing Thai massage is one of the things you should consider when first arriving in Thailand. You'll find a Health Spa on just about every street and street corner. You'll find them in just about every hotel as well as every resort town. You'll also find them in just about every shopping centre from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and beyond. There are just so many to mention all of them here.

There are endless varieties of treatments to indulge, from the latest Balinese massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Indian Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, Tibetan hot stone massage as well as traditional and ancient Thai massages.

For those looking for a bit extra, you may want to try an erotic Thai massage. All forms of massage provide health benefits while relaxing both mind and body.

It is always a great pleasure to look forward to any number of these treatments when you're on vacation in Thailand. Indulge yourself, relax and absorb all the attention you get. It's also the best possible way for you to feel good about yourself. And it's best to try and go on a day when you are not too rushed. 

Ayurvedic Massage

Asian Massage Services

Indian Ayurveda Massage makes use of essential oils as well as tapping, kneading and squeezing. This method of therapy is generally tailor-made to suit your individual needs with the idea to heal both body and mind. The massage therapy is beneficial for those of you who suffer from rheumatism, paralysis, insomnia and a host of other ailments too. Ayurvedic Massage is a form of treatment that should be exercised on a regular basis for conditions to improve.

Tibetan Hot Stone Massage not only relaxes you but improves your circulation, expels tension and recharges energy levels. There are health benefits for those who have muscular or back pains, arthritis, rheumatism as well as other ailments. Smooth water-heated stones of different sizes are coated in fragrant oils and then carefully applied to various key points on your body.

Hot Stone Massage

Thai Massage Services

Facial Massage is a firm favourite and you should try it at least once while you are here. You can have a facial, anything from a half hour right up to a full two hours. On awakening, you'll feel totally refreshed and revitalised. Many of the shopping plazas around Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket have excellent facilities.

Traditional Thai massage is basically a type of massage that involves some stretching and pulling while applying deep pressure to various areas of the body. This form of massage is known to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. No oils are used with this method and it can be quite painful at times.

Aromatherapy massage, though not essentially Thai, is, however, a far more relaxing form of massage. There are a number of different types, which combines the therapeutic properties of essential oils with specific massage techniques to promote health and well-being.

Reflexology is another form of massage using the thumb and finger to apply pressure on reflex points of the feet which correspond to different areas of the body. This form of massage is to assist in achieving balance within the body. 

Erotic body massage is for the big boys. It comprises of an intimate massage with a somewhat personal touch for two or perhaps three, in a Turkish bath. Thereafter, you receive a warm soapy body rub while face-down on a blow-up mattress. For the remainder of the time, which can range between one and a half to two hours, could be spent talking to the special lady or ladies of your choice.

All other preferences are also catered for. By the way, I was just kidding about the idle chatter, although it's up to you how you want to spend your time and money. Prices depend on various establishments and the amount of time spent. 

Facial Massage at a Health Spa

Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage Parlours are all over the place in Thailand and you won't have to wander far to find one either. After hours of shopping and sight-seeing, you may very well need a foot massage. Walking in the heat of the day can really take it out on your feet, so what better way to pause for a moment and step inside for a welcome foot massage treatment. You'll be very happy you did.

It is not easy to elude these parlours either as you'll find many of them not far from most hotel and resort locations. In some cases, they are right outside the hotels. This may create a few problems because Thai masseurs often sit outside their shops frequently signalling, with friendly gestures, for you to step inside.

You'll often hear them calling out to you with the words... massage... massage... massage. And you won't get very far either. It's best to just be as polite as possible and tell them that you'll come back a little later. Of course,  this could be much later. But not to worry, the girls will almost certainly be waiting for you.

Once inside these air-conditioned premises, the masseurs will first bathe and clean your feet in warm water before applying pressure to various points on the soles of your feet. Prices are very reasonable too. You can expect to pay around 250 Baht for a foot massage. However, don't count on the same type of service you'll probably receive in the most upmarket spas around town.

The masseurs at foot massage parlours also provide various other forms of Thai massages, pedicures, manicures and facials. Don't be surprised, though, if your masseur watches TV or chats away to her mates while performing her duties.

Essential Oils used at Health Spas

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