Thai Girl Dating Tips

Where to look, where to go and what to do

Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go Everywhere

Thai Girl Dating Tips - Number One

In all my travels in Thailand, I come across a lot of foreigners who have absolutely no idea where to find or meet a decent local girl to build a steady relationship or simply go on a date. My first trip to Thailand was no different, but it soon became apparent to me that I didn't have that far to look. A little imagination could also go a long way, but interesting enough, it's not nearly as difficult as you might think. 

Though somewhat hilarious, I once found an interesting article about a guy who, after finding his "perfect date" or should I say in this case - new love interest, had no idea where to take her. Now I know a lot of you will be thinking - why doesn't he take her to his hotel and be done with it. But before I continue along this path you have to consider a few facts as far as the dating game goes in the land of smiles. 

While there are a lot of Good Thai Girls in Thailand there are also a lot of bad girls too. Now I know some of you might like a bad girl or two. And by that I mean - you'll know just where to go looking for them. I've been down that road many times myself. That's big easy street. But there are other ways to meet and date some pretty decent girls in Thailand too. 

You just need to know where to go and once you've mastered the technique you'll be well on your way to forming a lasting friendship. Or so you may think. I should write a guide book on the subject, but even then there are no guarantees - just like everything else in life. 

Isn't she just the best looking Thai Girl

Thai Girl Dating Tips - Number Two

As the expression goes - good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere. Having said this and should you wish to cut short a trip to heaven, you would be guaranteed an easy "bad girl date" by visiting an escort agency or a go-go bar. There are hundreds of these places in Thailand. You go in. You take your pick. You put your money on the table and you then go out to play. It's as simple as that.

You might not even have to do much talking. But you might ask her where she'd like to go - to which she's likely to reply "Up to You" 

What she really means is please take me to the mall. I need to get something to wear. Then she might suggest a trip to the gold shop. After all, she needs to have that little extra sparkle to light up your night. Then it's off to the restaurant for a nice meal. She'd prefer to go to a Thai restaurant, but a western one will also make the grade. But whatever you do, don't ever invite her for a meal at a street food stall.

Certainly not on your first date anyway. You could try this method on any subsequent dates. Now that you've got to know your date a little better this would be the best time to head back to the hotel. After you've done and dusted, extras may include a tip and a taxi fare back home for your date. I hope you had a good fun time and still got some cash left. The alternative would be to run as fast as you possibly can.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Thai Girl Dating Tips - Number Three

Getting back to my original article about this guy who's looking for some good Thai girl dating tips, some of which I have already mentioned above, some Thai girls are just not cut out chatting away in a language other than their mother tongue. Because these girls would be happiest in their natural habitat it would be wise to start off by going to a local coffee shop/cafe for a cuppa and perhaps a light meal. 

When you decide to take your new good Thai girl on a date, please don't be a complete sleazeball and take her to one of those night markets attached to a red light district such as the one at Patpong in Bangkok or the likes of Soi Cowboy a little further down the road.

Best to take your lady friend on a dinner date where there's a "fusion" type menu available and then perhaps to a music club where the two of you can listen to some live music. A great entertainment place in Bangkok for this is at Asiatique the Riverfront.

Once the ice is broken you could go for a walk in the park, go to a local street market or a fairground attraction for some fun. If her background is closer to yours (which I doubt) you could consider a cultural tour to an art gallery, a museum or the theatre. But if the conversation is somewhat limited, perhaps a movie at the cinema will survive the day.

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Asiatique the Riverfront

Thai Girl Dating Tips - Number Four

As much as you may like it, I wouldn't suggest taking your new Thai date to your hotel first time round, though it's not an impossibility as I was about to find out. As it happened, I was introduced to a nice Thai girl by a taxi driver I'd just met. Patrick and I immediately became firm friends. (Though this is not the norm) He soon began talking on the phone to a family member - then passed the phone to me. 

The next thing I remember was talking to a girl named Nan and before I could say pop the weasel, Patrick, Nan and myself were heading out for dinner the same evening at a local restaurant alongside the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. At some stage during our dinner date, there was a pause in the conversation. Nan leant over the table and proceeded to ask me if I was in love with her. Wow! That was a complete surprise.

Nan wasn't going to waste any time. After that, Patrick suggested I spend the rest of the night with Nan in the comfort of my hotel room. Moral of the story - You never know when something this good falls into your lap. Though we are not dating now, Nan and I still remain good friends. 

My Thai Friend - Nan

Thai Girl Dating Tips - Number Five

This is what one guy (and for the purpose of the exercise, let's call him Mr Cool) had his own special take on Thai girl dating tips. He says why not take your new date to the Thai Red Cross and once there, register to save a life. Immediately followed by a trip to Dusit Zoo. 

Another wise ass suggests you take your new date to your hotel accompanied by a six pack (no, not the abdominal muscle type) and some cheap takeaways. All good and well, but don't be surprised if three of her mates rock up with her to check you out - and have a free dinner on you.  

Whatever the outcome, just remember that Thai girls don't really do the whole romance thing, but having said this, they do become more "romantic" as the money flows their way. And the more the money flows, the more the romance will blossom. It's simply the Thai way. 

Local Cafe at Chatuchak Weekend Market

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