An East Coast Resort with lots of
Sun, Sea, Sand and Sexiness

Aerial View of the City and Beach

I have been to Pattaya so many times, yet I cannot make up my mind if I actually like this place or not. At one stage I had even considered settling here because of the crazy nightlife that I so enjoy. Every night there is always something new and exciting happening. And I love watching all the wacky people going about their business, not that it's any business of mine. There's just so many crazy colourful characters around. You see them wandering around the streets day and night, but especially at night. 

You need only to go to Walking street to fully appreciate this madness. And madness, it certainly is. Just sit yourself down at any outside table at one of the bars and just watch the constant flow of human traffic go by. So many interesting people strolling up and down. Can be quite mesmerising at times. But please don't take my word for it, you should try it yourself sometime.

But love it or loathe it, I strongly suggest you release your dark side and take a walk on the wild frontier of this world renowned resort. Even the crowds here seem different to those in Bangkok or Phuket, but it's certainly very entertaining and that's one reason I keep coming back and you might want to do the same.

Walking Street Entrance

Above and below are photos of what Pattaya's famous Walking Street looks like during the day and I have to say, it's a heck of a lot different than what it looks like at night. For that, you'll need to go here. During the daylight hours, Walking Street is pretty much dead. That's right - there's not a lot going on except for a couple of tourists (the ones who were not here the night before) shopping at one or other store that might decide to stay open.

All the beer bars and Go-Go Bars have long since shut shop and will only be trading again much later. There might be the odd restaurant open, but I don't see them getting many customers. 

Okay, maybe there are a little more than the odd tourist here, but it's still pretty quiet. Cars, motorbikes and street carts are the only things buzzing around during this time - and just passing through before the rush of madness and craziness to come.

Have any of you noticed the overhead WALKING STREET sign! It has the words PASSION OF COLOURFUL PARADISE right under it. Could it be because there's a lot of passion going on here in paradise and that it's a colourful place to be? Seems a bit of a dumb-ass statement if you ask me. The words - SIN CITY would have been more appropriate. But then again - who am I to judge.

Walking Street by Day

Entertainment and Attractions

Whether you're into sun, sea, sand or the sex, there is certainly something for everyone here, as this resort has a whole lot more to offer. Besides all the craziness in some parts of town, there's a lot of extreme entertainment going on and there's are also some great attractions around for all ages.

A visit to the ancient teak wood structure called The Sanctuary of Truth on the northern shores overlooking Palm Beach, for example, is well worth the trip. And it's so close to town that you could almost walk there. 

Other attractions include the Elephant Village at the Three Kingdoms Theme Park, the Sriracha Tiger Zoo or the Crocodile Farm at the Million Years Stone Park. A trip to the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden to see a variety of amazing plants in different garden settings is an absolute must see. You could easily spend the whole day here.

View across Pattaya Bay

Excursions and Tours in Pattaya 

For those of you who are new to this playground wonderland, you'll find that there are a great many appealing and engaging things to see and do here. That is other than simply pursuing the hoards of tourists who are merely stimulated by things that go pear-shaped when bright neon colours illuminate the night sky. 

As a beginners guide to all the attractions and entertainment, you can choose to go it alone or you could opt for any number of tours of the region that are on offer throughout the resort.

These include full and half day sightseeing tours as well as alternative tours such as nature tours, adventure tours, dinner tours and live entertainment tours.

Leisure and Relaxation

For relaxation, there are some stunning soft sandy beaches to choose or you could leisurely shop at an array of colourful stalls that line the beaches. To cool off you can stop over at one of the shopping centres for a massage at a spa or just take in a movie.

Dining at one of the restaurants cannot be ruled out as there are so many to choose from and all within easy reach. Take in one of the excellent ladyboy shows, visit some top places of interest, or enjoy the variety of water sports on offer. So much to do and so little time. Just go out there and grab it.

Pattaya Pier

Local Weather Forecast for Pattaya 

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