La Defense Massage Parlour
in Bangkok

One of the best Soapy Massage Salons 
in Thailand

La Defense Massage Parlour on Rama IX Road in Bangkok may cater mainly for Japanese visitors, but guests from all corners of the globe, are welcome here too. I found this out on my first visit. For those of you who are frequent visitors over the years, you'll probably remember this up-market venue originally being called Juliana's. The same great place and service, just a new name and management.

For me, this was possibly the best full body massage parlour I have ever had the privilege of visiting in Bangkok, if not the whole of Thailand. And if it were not for a recommendation from a colleague of mine in Bangkok, I may well have missed the place.

I have to say that the girls here were all absolutely gorgeous which made my choice that much more difficult. And in addition to the splendour of the establishment, I have to add that the service I received here was impeccable, to say the least.  You seriously have to give this place a try.

This exceptionally extravagant establishment comes complete with a fairly sizeable fishbowl sporting anything up to around fifty pretty young girls. Also at the massage parlour is a Japanese restaurant, a karaoke lounge and a health centre.  All of which I skipped, only because I could not take my eyes off one girl in particular. I could easily have fallen in love with this beautiful young lady, so much so I couldn't stop thinking about her long after I vacated the premises.

I did once send her some roses but you have to understand, that as easy as it is to fall in love with any one of these pretty girls, you'll have to, at some stage, come back down to earth and realise that these kinds of relationships rarely work out in the long run. Many westerners have found this to be to their detriment.

Nevertheless, the pretty lass I chose, though I have long forgotten her name now, (probably because I meet so many girls at other places) was exceptionally graceful and ever so professional. Once I'd paid the agreed sum at reception, I was led upstairs via a lift. The room we were allocated was quite luxurious with a big Turkish bath where the start of the soapy massage began. In a separate area close by was a neat and tidy double bed and in front, a TV which my sexy star turned on for me. (Not that there were any seductive channels available)

Anyway, I asked the favour because of the lack of background music which I thought would add a little more ambience to an already great setting. Need I say anymore other than I had a really good time. Actually, we both had a good time.

La Defense
 Massage Complex

Prices at the La Defense
 Massage Complex

Below is a breakdown of prices at the La Defense Massage Complex. They are indicated by various letters on the badges the hostesses wear on their clothing.

V 1,900 THB for 2 hours.

D 2,200 THB for 2 hours.

C-Baby 2,600 THB for 2 hours.

S 3,000 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

M 3,500 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

L 4,500 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

X 5,500 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Please note that the prices quoted here can fluctuate from time to time and can also change depending on whether you go in high or low season. But you know what they say - Never put off today what you can do tomorrow because if you do it today and love it, you can do it all over again tomorrow.

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Getting to the Massage Parlour

La Defense Massage Parlour is situated on Rama IX Road, right next to the Royal Pacific Hotel on Soi 11. To get there, take a taxi directly to the parlour as I did.

Alternatively, if you're feeling a little shy on arriving head-on at the parlour entrance, ask your driver to drop you off at the Royal Pacific and then simply take a short walk from there. The premises are located approximately two kilometres from the beginning of Rama IX Road starting from the Ratchadaphisek intersection and close to where the Fortune Hotel is located. But I wouldn't recommend walking from there especially if the day or night is hot as it can be. I practically had the whole place to myself when I went there during the day. 

The parlour is open from 14:30 pm until midnight on Monday through to Friday and from 12:30 pm until midnight on a Saturday and Sunday. Prices for fishbowl girls were set at 1,800 THB with side-liner girls in the lounge area at 2,400 THB. Depending on what season you go, prices can easily fluctuate from time to time.

And since you're here, why not visit the many other massage parlours in Ratchadaphisek Road.

Massage Parlour
Directional Sign

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