Emmanuelle Massage Parlour

A Sassy Soapy Massage Complex
in Downtown Bangkok

Entrance to Emmanuelle

On the surface, Emmanuelle Massage appears to be just another soapy massage parlour in Bangkok, but this is one of the better pleasure palaces where you can relax and enjoy that particular moment. The setting here is rather serene and unhurried but best of all; the parlour is on Ratchadapisek Road, an area that retains a more modern look yet is less intense than along the busy Sukhumvit Road.

Emmanuelle is right next door to the Emerald Hotel in an upscale entertainment complex at 55 Ratchadaphisek Road, which in turn is located just a little to the north of the downtown metropolitan area of the city. The road runs parallel to Viphavadi Rangsit Road to the east and stretches northwards from the end of Asok Road (Sukhumvit Soi 21) to Lad Phrao Road.

Once you enter the establishment, take the stairs to the first floor as this is where you'll find a bevvy of beautiful young Thai girls waiting to give you and a few others an unforgettable soapy massage experience. At first glance, it's easy to become a little bit overwhelmed by what you see inside the fishbowl here, but in virtually no time at all, you'll be able to settle down quite nicely.

What I usually do as soon as I arrive is order a stiff drink to settle the nerves. That way, I can begin to focus on my immediate surroundings a little bit better. Apart from the rather plush interior, you will also notice that the area in which the girls are on display has a somewhat brightly lit interior. The reason for this is so that you can view all the pretty girls so much more clearly while watching from a position of safety that I have to say, is a heck of a lot less in your face.

Signage at Emmanuelle

How to make your selection at Emmanuelle

Identifying the girl of your choice is made easy because numbers get displayed on round plastic disks pinned to whatever little clothing the girls wear. It's a Thai thing. Next would be the million-dollar question.

You may ask yourself what would a massage with one of the girls cost here. Well, it depends on the girl in question. The standard rate for a girl who has perhaps been here for a year or two would set you back in the region of 2,000 Baht depending on whether it's the high or low season or how pretty or not so pretty the girl is.

Occasionally the prices tend to fluctuate somewhat, so giving you an accurate account is no real guarantee. In the case of a VIP model girl who has recently joined the establishment, it could cost you anything from 3,000 Baht upwards. If you feel that the asking price is too high, you may need to take this up with management. Either that or you can always take a walk to Nataree Massage Parlour which is nearby.

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Emmanuelle by Night

Getting to Emmanuelle Massage

Most taxi drivers would know this area so getting there should be relatively easy. If you travel by taxi from Sukhumvit, the parlour is to your left on Ratchadapisek Road. And if you do use a taxi to go to the Emmanuelle Massage Parlour, one of the better-known landmarks to look out for would be the Thailand Cultural Centre with two lesser ones being that of the Carrefour supermarket and the Home Pro shopping centre. Also in the area are several nightclubs and pubs.

Other than that, take the underground MRT subway to Huai Kwang Station, then exit at gate three and walk straight ahead for approximately eighty metres. The parlour is to your right. Unfortunately, there is no access to Emmanuelle Massage via the Sky Train.

Directions to Emmanuelle Massage

More Massage Parlours in the Area

Caesars Entertainment Complex is another up-market massage parlour on Ratchadapisek Road you may like to try. It's located across the road from the Emerald Hotel. The establishment has a fishbowl filled with beautiful young Thai girls and the rooms are of an extremely high standard, each uniquely designed and equipped with saunas and Jacuzzi spas as well as all the best bells and whistles.

Poseidon Entertainment Complex is 200 metres up the road from the Emerald Hotel and across the road from the Grand Hotel. The massage parlour is located on the second floor. Some 50 girls sit in the fishbowl and a few are seated on the outside of the glass booth. On the third floor are the supermodels and Thai edition Penthouse Pets.

Copa Cabana Massage Complex is a rather plush place which you may find to your liking. It's in the vicinity of Emmanuelle Massage.

Subway Massage is not far off offering excellent value for money, especially since the place has had some much-needed renovations

Hi-Class Entertainment Complex is another value for money massage parlour in Ratchadapisek Road though not the best in luxury and style but nevertheless perhaps a good place to get acquainted.

Colonze 2 Massage Parlour located inside the Crystal Hotel just off Rachadaphisek Road is possibly one of the most expensive massage parlours in Bangkok, however, you can expect to get a full body massage, a soapy massage and the famous Nuru massage here.

Emmanuelle and all its Lights

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