The Best Go Go Clubs in Pattaya

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Go Go Bars in Town

Peppermint A Go Go Girls

Ten of the Best Go-Go Clubs in Pattaya

It comes as no surprise to all who have been to Pattaya before that this popular resort is the sin capital of Thailand and possibly the world. It's built on sex and built for sex. You don't have to go far to find it.

Just take a stroll down world famous Walking Street and you'll see, smell and taste the sexual and sensual mood of the place. For the best part of the daylight hours not much happens on this street, but as darkness descends, a jubilant atmosphere prevails and the street becomes very much alive with the sound of music, neon lights and pretty maidens all in a row. After that, it's anyone's guess, but I can tell you that it's the right place and time to be out and about in Pattaya.     

There may be many gourmet restaurants, music fraternities and beer bars to satisfy your every whim, but there must be hundreds of go-go clubs screaming for you to dive straight in. The choices are just too much and in all the confusion you simply won't know where to start.

It's for this reason I want to make it easier for you. And with that, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the top ten go-go clubs in Pattaya. Having said that, I challenge you to better my top ten. 

AngelWitch Rock Dancers Club

The Best Go Go Clubs in Pattaya

1) AngelWitch Rock Dancers Club is at the top of my list. As Tina Turner would say.... It's simply the best. Now I know that some of you have been a little disappointed in the past with the shows not being quite up to standard, but in general, the showgirl performances at this club have been absolutely amazing. It's all about timing.

One day you might go there and not have as good a time, but at other times you are going to have the time of your life. And the best part here - You can enjoy the shows with your girlfriend without it being distasteful.

Peppermint A Go Go Club

2) Peppermint A Go-Go is one of the most popular pleasure palaces on the planet. No, seriously... If you want to have a great fun night out, watch some of the sexiest girls strut their stuff and then still have enough energy to make it all happen with one of the hottest hostesses in town, then this has got to be the club for you and your friends too. 

Baccara A Go Go Club

3) Baccara is an adult pleasure playhouse offering the very best in entertainment, service and the hottest girls in show business. And all this and so much more in a luxurious, comfortable and stylish setting. Why don't you boys hurry on over there and grab yourself a piece of the pie?

Sensations A Go Go Club

4) Sensations formally on the spot where "The Cavern" was, is a brand new go-go club boasting some 100 hot new hostesses. It's easy to find as it's smack bang in the middle of Walking Street on the ocean side. The girls here are simply gorgeous and as hot as hell. If hell is anything remotely like this you sure won't want to go to heaven. 

Iron A Go Go Club

5) Iron Club located in the centre of the walking street is one of the hottest clubs in town. It was and still is the place to be and be seen. But you need to get over there fast before all the good girls are gobbled up. 

The Girls of Alcatraz

More of the Best Go Go Clubs In Pattaya

6) Alcatraz is unquestionably one of the top adult entertainment venues on Walking Street. Steel cages with matching custom-designed décor, make this exclusive club blossom in charisma and vitality.

It's where pretty show girls get to dress up as convicts, wardens, cops and inmates. And all this and more for your absolute viewing pleasure. It's just gotta be a time when you won't mind being banged up abroad.

What's Up A Go Go Club

7) What's Up Go-Go Club may be a little pricey, but that goes without saying at a top notch club of this calibre. And just when you thought things couldn't get any better, along comes the pretty playful penthouse pets to put a smile on your face and to liven things up. Things can get even hotter when you get to pick the best of the kitties too. 

Diamond A Go Go Club

8) Diamond A Go Go Club may be a harder to spot when strolling down Walking Street and that's because it's situated near the gate that separates the narrower portion of Soi Diamond from the wider section if that makes any sense at all.

However, a prominent neon above the club itself is a dead ringer and would be your first clue, though you'll also probably notice two or three girls in front of the club urging you to hurry up and get on in.    

Happy A Go Go Club

9) Happy A Go Go has for some time now been rated as the number one club of its class on Walking Street by a whole host of happy party goers and it's really not that hard to see why. Pretty girls, energetic dancers and fabulous shows are all part and parcel of the package. 

Beach Club A Go Go 

10) Beach Club A Go-Go on Walking Street owes its growing popularity in part to its wide range of customer-friendly girls, its table dancing coyote shows, its extremely polite staff and its good value for money.

Go Go Girls outside the Iron Club

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