The Best Go Go Clubs in Bangkok

An Insiders Guide to the most popular
Go Go Bars in the City of Angels

Go Go Dancer at the Billboard Club

Best Go-Go Clubs in Bangkok

It doesn't surprise me at all that at some stage just about every guy out on the town is going to have at least one shitty night out. It's not every time you visit a go-go club you're going to have the time of your life. A night out in Bangkok can sometimes suck and you can easily end up being a little disappointed or disillusioned.

It's just one of those things and you simply have to get over it. It's the nature of the game so just move on. But no matter what you do, never ever give up. There are hundreds of places you can go and have a really great evening out. 

While some guys rave about the AngelWitch Rock Dancers Club on Walking Street in Pattaya, the club of the same name at the Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok has had less than average ratings. In my opinion, it's quite possible you could choose the wrong night to go to this particular go-go bar. On another night things could be a whole lot different. But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself. 

AngelWitch Rock Dancers Club Bangkok

Best Go Go Clubs in Bangkok - AngelWitch

AngelWitch in Bangkok was and still could be one of the "in clubs" to check out. I always say expect the unexpected and just maybe you'll have a great night out and get to pick a really classy lady. Some patrons complain about the loud music or the fact that management gets too pushy at times. These things are bound to happen. Stay calm and just go with the flow. Once you become street-smart in the way things work around these parts, everything else will fall into place. 

Here's how it works! 

You find a comfortable spot, order a drink and then sit back, relax and watch as the girls perform their live shows which last approximately twenty minutes on the hour. The dancers act out a series of events dressed down to almost a sense of nirvana. And in this case, nothing, naught, nada, zilch, zip. The dance routines are frightfully erotic and come fully loaded. (hence the "loud" rock music). And if you behave yourself, you might be lucky enough to get a free lap dance. 

If you've had a good few drinks and are still standing, you may want to take one of the girls out for the rest of the night or even for a short time. It may pay you to take the girl for a short time as most of these girls like to get back to the club if still early enough or to catch a cab back to their apartments. It's your choice but don't leave it too late.

Normally the good girls gone bad are long gone before midnight and all that's left are a few not so pretty ones. What often happens is, the best lookers are the ones performing the shows, but they are also the ones that cost the most. A bar fine for showgirls can be anything up to 1,200 THB while a regular bar girl will set you back half that amount.

Go Go Girls at AngelWitch Rock Dancers Club 

The Best Go Go Clubs in Bangkok - Patpong

If you're looking for the biggest, baddest and possibly one of the best go-go clubs in Bangkok you might want to head straight on down to the Patpong area of town. There's a new club called Bada Bing that has it all and more. It's fancy, it's funky, it's fun and it's friendly. It's where the Funky Dojo night club once was.

If you're new to the area, you'll easily find the Bada Bing club down a small lane linking Patong Soi 1 and Patpong 2. You can't miss it. It's next door to another night club called Twilo. Otherwise, just ask around the neighbourhood. 

Now we all know that Patpong itself is synonymous with sex, sleaze, sympathy and who knows what else is lurking down this alley and around the next corner. If you didn't know, you may want to wise up before your beer gets warm. I say sympathy because you're going to need a lot of it here.

Apart from the go-go bars, the beautiful dancers, the pickpockets and the touts, there's not much else going on around here for the ordinary tourist unless you're the type who loves counterfeit goods. Patpong has stacks of it, but it's still gonna cost you plenty. The night market here is notorious for overpricing their fake merchandise.

It's true they claim Bada Bing is, without a doubt the biggest go-go club in Patpong. Believe you me, it's big. There are two dancing platforms here. One is on the ground floor and the other is upstairs. And while it has all the hallmarks of any other go-go club of its kind, this one is much better.

Apart from a fashionable layout and decor, the club is more than comfortable with its luxurious cushioned sofas and scattered single seaters. Then there are the dancers. Two types. Coyotes and go-go girls.

Don't know quite what the difference is really, but who actually cares. As long as you're having a good time, that's all that matters. They say that coyotes are noted for their dancing skills while go-go girls are noted for their wanton ways. To me, it's all a matter of opinion. Every girl gets a chance to dance on stage, usually rotating every few minutes or so.

They also like to dress up or dress down (depending on how things fit) in provocative outfits and ultra sexy uniforms, such as cowgirl outfits, school uniforms, nurse outfits, army uniforms and micro denim shorts.

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Bada Bing Go Go Dancers

The Best Go Go Clubs in Bangkok - Nana Plaza

On the third floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza is a club called Billboard. Could this be one of the best go-go clubs in Bangkok. Some say that it was simply a case of a good concept gone bad or at the very least, mediocre. Intentionally the idea was to give the old and tired ex-Hollywood Carousel a facelift.

While it may have achieved the desired effect with its dazzling neon lights on the outside, the inside somehow doesn't quite seem to have hit the same mark. Never mind if you are a first timer, you wouldn't know the difference and besides, will you really care.

It may not be as cosy as some of the other bars in the complex, but go inside and take a look around anyway. You never know, you might like this place. Once you enter you have two choices.

You can plonk yourself down near the Jacuzzi and watch as girls slip and slide all over the place or you can go and sit next to the dance platform and watch the other girls perform their routines in and around a stage shower system. To be honest, I thought the shows at Billboard were wonderfully entertaining.

Billboard is also a place where you can have a drink with your mates, listen to some good music and just relax. After all, it is free to enter and you can go whenever you wish, though sometimes it's not that easy.

To sum up the situation, I personally think that the Billboard go-go club has a huge potential for being one of the best go-go clubs in Bangkok. It may not be the classiest joint in town, but it sure puts on a good show. So go and check it out for yourself and then tell me how it was for you.

Go Go Girls at the Bada Bing Club

The Best Go Go Clubs in Bangkok - Soi Cowboy

Country Road in Soi Cowboy is one of the most popular hangouts for expats. Its popularity is attributed to the cheap beer on offer and perhaps even more so during happy hour. Go there if you like big spaces, live music, pretty girls and are very thirsty.

Tilac is another extremely popular place in Soi Cowboy and from what I believe it's been rated as one of the best go-go clubs in Bangkok. Lots of bright lights, lots of smiling faces, lots of bubbly hostesses and lots of happy customers. You really need to give this one a go.

Deja Vu is one of the biggest and brightest bars on the block. And it's right next door to Tilac. Great decor, great atmosphere, great entertainment and plenty of beautiful girls spread across two floors. If that doesn't get your tail wagging then nothing will.

Apache Coyote Bar is right next door to Deja Vu and we all know what goes on down there. Girls, girls and more girls. Table dancing, beer drinking and partying the whole nine yards. Great fun and great vibe. You definitely don't want to miss the ongoing action at this joint. 

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