Bangkok Soapy Massage

An Insiders Guide to all the best Parlours
in the City of Angels

Caesars Entertainment Complex

This Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlour Guide will hopefully give you a better understanding of what to expect at some of the very best adult entertainment venues in the city. You'll also get information on which parlour might best suit your needs, where to find the parlours, what the costs are and so much more. 

The massage parlours discussed here are mostly seen as big buildings and are often mistaken for some of the luxury hotels in town. Many include restaurants, bars and karaoke lounges too. If you're a regular, there's also a good possibility you may want to become a club member.

But before I direct you to the soapy massage parlours, I'd just like to add a word of caution and that is, if you find the venue not to your standard because of bad service or that the girls are not quite your cup of tea, simply walk away and try another place. 

Please be aware that this page contains some images of people who are not fully clothed. There are also descriptions of nudist activities. If you should be offended by viewing human beings in the all natural you may want to go to another page you feel is not offensive to you. 

By viewing this page you agree not to be offended by the depiction of nudity and that you are an adult of legal age to view such material. Wow! That sounds far too formal - Go and check out the pics anyway. 

What to expect on entering a Massage Parlour

When entering any one of these massage establishments, try to keep a stiff upper lip and by that I mean, don't feel intimidated by what you are about to see. Take your time and try to keep calm and relaxed. I know it's not so easy when it's your first time, but you'll soon get used to it if you want to go to these parlours on a more regular basis.

In most case, what you'll see is various areas where the girls can be viewed. Most of the best soapy massage parlours have what they call a fish bowl. This can be seen as a glass enclosed area where girls sit in tiered rows. Normally the prettiest ones sit in the front row. Then there are the girls who sit in an open area known as a sideline. These girls are referred to as side-liners.

Some parlours have relaxing lounge areas where you'll find the best of the bunch. These girls are often referred to as models, super models or in some cases, penthouse pets.

Prices depend on which area you choose a girl. Generally, fishbowl girls are the least expensive and penthouse pet the most costly. It's your call. Find a seat, sit down, order a drink and quietly survey the surroundings. If a particular girl catches your attention, ask the Papasan or Mamasan to assist you.

Invite the girl to come over for a chat and a drink with you before deciding if this girl is the right one for you. If not, choose another girl until you're completely suckered in.

There's a good possibility that once you get the first girl to come sit with you, it may be difficult to let go of her. I found this out once but then decided to take another girl too. Should you have the stamina, summon as many girls as you like. 

 Threesome Soapy Massage 

La Defense Massage Parlour

La Defense Massage Parlour may be a bit far from downtown Bangkok, but it does come highly recommended. You'll need a taxi to get there. The parlour is located at 333 Soi Yaem Nuan, Rama 9 road, next to the Royal Pacific Hotel and Catherine Massage Parlour on Rama 9 Soi 11. They have many pretty girls and are open from 12:00 pm until 23:30 pm. Prices range from 1,900 THB to 5,500 THB.

Victoria Massage Parlour

Victoria Massage is a Bangkok soapy massage parlour located at 555 Soi Soon Vijai 4, (Soi Rama 13) on Rama 9 Road and close to the La Defense massage parlour. Again, it's best to take a taxi there, See the web page for more details and directions. This particular soapy massage parlour is one of the very best in Bangkok. Great place with gorgeous girls. And if you don't mind travelling a little further out of town, you'll be well rewarded for your efforts. They are open from 3:00 pm until 12:00 am. Prices range from 1,700 THB to 5,500 THB.

Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Poseidon Entertainment Complex is situated at 209 Ratchadapisek Road. Take the BTS SkyTrain to Sutthisan Station and exit 4, then walk straight ahead for about 100 metres. You'll see the tall building in front of you. Poseidon is one of the most illustrious of all the parlours in this Bangkok massage guide simply because you may just find penthouse pets, television and magazine models and actresses gracing the floor in the model lounge. This place is not cheap with prices from 3,000 THB to 5,500 THB. Poseidon is open from 2:30 pm until 12:00 am.

Amsterdam Entertainment Complex

Amsterdam Massage Complex is a Bangkok soapy massage parlour located at 333, Asok-Din Daeng, Din Daeng. It's opposite the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel at the Asok Intersection. Amsterdam is an excellent choice for a soapy massage. It's close to downtown Bangkok and easy to reach by taxi or by MRT subway. If using the subway, exit at Phra Ram 9 station. Prices range from 2,600 THB to 5,600 THB. (1.5 hours) The parlour is open daily from 12:00 pm until 23:30 pm.

Nataree Entertainment Massage

Nataree Entertainment Massage is situated on Ratchadaphisek Road and opposite the Swissotel Le Concorde Hotel. It's also within easy walking distance from the Emmanuelle Massage Complex. Take the MRT subway to Huai Kwang Station and exit at gate 3 or 4. Nataree is a very popular parlour with plenty of pretty girls in both the fishbowl and sideline. One of the best choices in town. Prices from 2,000 THB to 2,600 THB. They are open from 1:00 pm to 12:00 am.

Nataree Entertainment Massage

Colonze Massage Parlours

Colonze Massage Parlours of which there are three venues in Bangkok, not only offer you a soapy massage, but also their famous Japanese Nuru Massage. Colonze 2 is located inside the Crystal Hotel on Rachada between the Thailand Cultural Center and the Huai Khwang (BTS) station. Colonze 1 and 4 are located on Rama 9 Road. Prices range from 1,300 THB to 6,600 THB depending on which venue you visit. The parlours are open daily from 1:00 pm until 12:00 am.

Emmanuelle Massage Parlour

Emmanuelle Massage Parlour is situated at 55 Ratchadapisek Road, near the Emerald Hotel and opposite the Swissotel Le Concorde Hotel. Take the MRT subway to Huai Kwang Station and exit at gate 3 or 4. The  parlour is one of the best and one of a few offering a true soapy massage with the famous Nuru Gel.

Not cheap with Fishbowl Girls costing between 2,500 and 2,800 THB (1.5 hours) and Sideline Girls costing between 2,800 and 6,100 THB (1.5 hours) depending on whether you take a VIP room or not. Open from 1:00 pm until 12:00 am.

Hi Class Entertainment Complex

Hi Class Entertainment Complex is a Bangkok soapy massage parlour located behind the Emmanuelle Massage Parlor on Ratchada road. And while Hi Class may be lacking in fine furnishing and in need of some refurbishing, it appears to be attracting much better-looking hostesses. The venue is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are in the Huay Kwang area. Prices for girls in the fishbowl are 1,900 THB for 1.5 hours and the girls on the sideline are 2,300 THB for 1.5 hours.

Caesars Entertainment Complex

Caesars Entertainment Complex is a Bangkok soapy massage parlour located on Rachadapisek Road and close to the Huay Kwang, Ratchada intersection. It's also opposite to Emmanuelle Massage. Caesars is a very nice parlour with some great looking girls, but a bit more expensive than similar parlours in the area.

Prices start at 2,000 THB but go as high as 6,500 THB especially for foreigners. To get there, take the MRT subway to Huay Kwang Station and then exit at gate 4. They are open Mon-Fri from 2:00 pm until 12:00 am and Sat-Sun 1:00 pm until 12:00 am.

Hi Class Entertainment Complex

Cupidy Massage Parlour

Cupidy Massage is a popular Bangkok soapy massage parlour and one of my all time favourites. The parlour is situated on 1543/1-5 New Phetchaburi Road. About 200 metres from the end of Sukhumvit soi 3, on the ground floor in the Plaza Entertainment Building. If you go by taxi, ask to be dropped at the hotel nearby.

Taxi drivers get paid 500 THB commission if they bring you directly to the parlour and it will be added to your bill. They are open 12:00 pm-12:00 am. Fishbowl girls cost 2,000 THB (2 hours) Sideline girls cost 2,500 THB (1.5 hours)

Angelina Massage Parlour

Angelina Massage is also located on New Phetchaburi Road at the very end of Soi Thonglor, (Sukhumvit Soi 55) near the Bangkok Hospital and opposite the Amari Atrium Hotel. Definitely not the best massage parlour there is around here, but if you're looking for cheaper prices and are not fussy about the furnishing or pretty girls, then go for it. Fishbowl girls cost just 1,200 THB (2 hours) and Sideline girls cost 1,900 THB (1 hour) They are open from 1:00 pm to 12:00 am.

La Belle Entertainment Complex

La Belle Entertainment Complex is a Bangkok soapy massage parlour located just past the overhead bridge near Asok on New Phetchaburi Road. It's next door to the Siam Hotel. This fairly new parlour has many girls, only the staff do their best to overcharge foreigners. Something you must be aware of before you go there. Fishbowl girls cost 2,200 THB (1.5 hours) and Sideline girls cost between 2,600 and 6,800 THB (1.5 hours) depending on their status. This parlour is open daily from 12:00 pm to 23:30 pm.

 Utopia Entertainment Complex

Utopia Entertainment Complex is the ultimate when considering upmarket Bangkok soapy massage parlours. It's located at 69, 69/1-3 Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang and fairly close to the parlours on Rachadapisek Road. Utopia is an extremely luxurious venue and embraces some of the prettiest girls in town. Costs tend to be a lot more than most parlours and sore as high as 7,000 THB for a one and a half hour service. They are open from 2:30 pm until 12:00 am.

Bangkok Soapy Massage 

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