Amsterdam Massage Complex

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Amsterdam by Day

As a visitor, it's not that difficult to recognise Amsterdam Massage Complex in Bangkok simply because European style buildings are rarely prevalent in Thailand. It's perhaps for this reason that it's hard to believe that an architectural masterpiece such as this one, can be found right in the heart of a city where so little if any other western influence and or culture is quite so noticeable.

The building's exterior is beautifully painted in pastel shades of pale blue, cream and lilac and complemented with large bay windows and Victorian style balconies that protrude from its outer walls. Part of the roof structure houses several small attic windows and right on top is a giant neon sign characterised with a Dutch windmill. Judging by the considerable neon logo alongside the name of the parlour, it would appear that Johnny Walker is the whisky of choice at this establishment. 

Unlike many other soapy massage salons, Amsterdam does not have your typical fishbowl where girls sit in a glass-enclosed room. Instead, the girls known as side-liners sit in an open lounge area on comfy couches while patiently waiting for customers. The real benefit is that you, as a guest, can get up close and personal with the ladies.

Entrance to Amsterdam Massage

What to Expect at Amsterdam Massage Parlour

Be prepared to pay more for their services which can range between 2,600 Baht and 5,600 Baht, depending on whether you choose a regular pretty side-liner girl or an even more beautiful supermodel girl. It's your call.

Amsterdam Massage Complex is a great place where the friendly staff are always eager to introduce you to all the pretty young Thai girls and sexy supermodels. Have something to eat first in the restaurant and then go and relax with a drink in the lounge while you listen to the resident band sing. If you go early enough, you will have plenty of time to unwind before choosing one of the girls for an erotic soapy massage or anything else that might take your fancy. 

As a precaution, it might be worth your while to ask the Papasan or Mamasan if the girl you have chosen, is prepared to give you a full massage and not just the regular soapy body rub. Some guests are not fussy, but you may want to have the Full Monty. Some girls and especially the supermodel girls are not always keen to do a full massage, so it's best to make quite sure of your requirements.

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Amsterdam Rooftop Neon Sign

Getting to Amsterdam Massage 

The best way to get to Amsterdam is by taxi. It's on the corner of Asoke Road and Rama 9 Road, which is just across the road from the  Fortune Hotel Complex. If not by taxi, use the underground MRT subway and exit at Phra Ram Station as you come out from the Fortune Town Exit you can expect to see the parlour directly in front of you. Amsterdam is open daily from noon until midnight.   

 Amsterdam By Night

More Massage Parlours in Bangkok

Besides Amsterdam, there are hundreds of other establishments you can visit, such as the many massage parlours on Ratchadpisek Road in Bangkok. These include Caesars Entertainment Complex, Poseidon Entertainment Complex, Emmanuelle Massage, Nataree Massage, Copa Cabana Massage, to name a few. 

It's best to go and explore a number of these parlours before you make your final decision. Now I know this is not going to be an easy task, but if you have plenty of the time and you are not in a hurry, then it may just be well worth your while. 

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