Thai Escort - Zaza 

The Girl with a tonne of Sexy Secrets


If you're looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush with a young and gorgeous Thai Escort, then Zaza could easily be the right girl for you. She's ready, willing and able to pleasure you in every possible way. 

This stunning and super sexy escort with a lively outlook has a real determination to please all the guys no matter what age they might be. So with this in mind, Zaza is one of the most exciting ladies at our escort agency. But please hurry along if you'd like to meet Zaza as she gets to go out quite a lot these nights. 

Now before I get carried away telling you more about Zaza and what she gets up to when the sun goes down, I'd like you to promise me that you won't rush off to tell your friends just yet before you find out for yourself how great it's going to be when this stunning beauty gets her her legs wrapped around you in the best possible position. What could possibly be better than getting a head start before your mates?

Zaza may be just 28 years of age and devilishly innocent looking but she sure can burn the candle at both ends. She might still look like a baby-doll but she's hellbent on doing a whole lot more sexy stuff.

Thai Escort Zaza

It's not hard to see from the photos here that Zaza has an incredibly gorgeous figure and you also simply cannot ignore the fact that she has drop-dead model looks too. While she may be ever so young with a super slim body and amazing facial features, Zaza says that she has no intention of becoming a model due to all the strict rules she would have to endure. She says that she'd rather be famous right here in Bangkok doing what she loves best.

Being a Thai Escort in her home country, Zaza has no set rules, no stress and her chosen profession is a lot more fun. She's a free-spirited girl who simply loves meeting new clients. And Zaza has a tonne of admirers because she's such an absolute darling.

She's cheerful, she's classy and she has the right attitude and personality to take it to the top of her class so much so you'd have to book her well in advance as so many of her nights are fully booked.

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And because Zaza's more than capable to converse in English, she can talk about a whole host of different subjects. But you don't just want to spend the night waffling away when you have this incredible eye candy vying for your attention.

Zaza also has impeccable manners making her the perfect companion should you want to go out on a romantic dinner date. And while she may be the ultimate host while out on the town, she'll transform into kinky kitten once you return to your hotel.

Zaza also knows a thing or two or three when performing her deep throat techniques which goes way beyond what is often referred to as BBBJ. Her other offering and openings are no stranger to a little deep ploughing too and she can take whatever is on the table.

There's nothing this lady cannot do and a night with Zaza just won't cut it, because you'll certainly want to come back for seconds, maybe even thirds. Just remember that if you do it today with Zaza and you love it, you can always come back tomorrow and do it all over again.


Thai Escort Booking Rates

2 hours 5,000 THB

3 hours 6,000 THB

4 hours 7,000 THB

6 hours 9,000 THB

10 hours 10,000 THB

24 hours 4 shots 12,000 THB

4 Days or More (Price per Day) 10,000 THB 

Thai Escort Uniforms and Outfits

We also have a variety of uniforms available on requests such as School Girl Uniforms, Police Officer and Nurse Outfits, Air Hostess and French Maid Uniforms. You may ask Jina to wear any one of these outfits during your time with her.

This is a complimentary service we provide regardless of the number of hours you have booked with us. We are always looking at new ways to increase the number of choices available to enhance your experience.

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Please feel free to discover Jina's sexy secrets and if you like what you see and what this young lady has to say, perhaps you'd like to schedule a meeting with her when you're next in Bangkok. You'll find a booking form at the bottom of this page for you to complete. That's all there is to do besides going out there and enjoying yourself.


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