Go-Go Bars in Pattaya

Top Two Go-Go Bars in Walking Street

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Okay, So maybe you've seen a few Go-Go Bars in Pattaya in your time and found that some were acceptable, some were mediocre and some were just downright awful. We'll you're not alone, I've been down that road many times myself. Not every go-go bar establishment in town will offer you all the bells and whistles you'd expect. And if you're new to the go-go scene, let's just say you've got some skills to perfect. 

That's because there are just so many go-go bars in town to choose from. And to say the least, it can be a little daunting to find that one sweet spot. I can't remember how many of these places I've actually visited or how many I've even written about, but what I can tell you, I've had a lot of fun finding out what makes these places tick.

So you may well ask - where do you find the best go-go bars in Pattaya? That's not an unreasonable request. What you may consider a great place, others might have a different opinion. But what I can do, is steer you in the best possible direction. Let's just take it from there.

Go-Go Dancer

What to expect at Go-Go Bars in Pattaya

It's not uncommon for every other go-go bar in Pattaya to say that their establishment is the best in the west even if it happens to be in the east. That's because Thailand is well known for its gorgeous girls. There's no doubt about that. But unless you go and see them all for yourself, you'll never get the real facts. It's just the way things are.

One of the main reasons for this is simply because we all have different and varied expectations. You might find that the girls at one venue are not quite up to your standard, while others will have girls, you simply can't keep your eyes (or hands) off. So let me introduce you to two of the top go-go bars I feel are more than proficient to suit all your needs.

Go-Go Dancer

Top Two Go-Go Bars in Pattaya

The first one on my list is a place called Sugarbaby Ago Go, which is conveniently located on world famous Walking Street. This club opened its doors in 2012 after the initial success with its bigger sister, a club called, The Windmill, which by the way, is just a two-minute walk from Sugarbaby in Soi Diamond. People are still raving about this club. 

Both these clubs have a reputation for being the naughtiest go-go bars in Pattaya. For starters, Sugarbaby offers a wide range of girls for all tastes. They are the proud owners (at any given time) to 60 in-house girls, all with different body shapes and sizes for your viewing pleasure. These sexy sirens all have their own unique spin on life and they just love to have the most fun whether in or outside these two go-go clubs.

While go-go dancers at other clubs might take off their tops, here at the Windmill and Sugarbaby, they go all the way- The Full Monty.  And that's not all. These girls are only too happy for you to participate in all the activities. Which means you can touch them, lick them or play ball with them. They call it the hands-on experience. It's a girlfriend experience with an extra twist. You'll also see the girls interacting with each other.

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Go-Go Dancer

Girl Action at the Go-Go Bars in Pattaya

Not only do the girls dance on stage, they also provide audiences with these super sexy shower shows. Yes! You got that one right. What can be better than seeing two gorgeous Thai girls showering together? Okay, Maybe three gorgeous Thai girls then. It's only a request away.

The best part is you can join the action should you be brave enough to give it your best shot. If not, you can simply plonk your butt down on one of the comfy couches and watch the girls soap each other up and down. Bet you'd like to be part of the action now. That can't be that bad, now can it. Every so often, the girls step aside and two more girls take over where the others left off. It's non-stop entertainment all the way. 

Here's the perfect opportunity for you to jump in with both hands. Just leave your other bits out of the equation. That part you can take up later. You'll find the soapy section at one end of the club and if that's too hot for you to handle, you've got two stages stacked with erotic shows and sexy girls who'd love you to join the action. These girls would love you more if you jump in with all you can muster. Sounds like fun to you?

The Windmill and Sugarbaby are two of my favourite go-go bars in Pattaya because their huge selection of girls (including bisexual girls) is the best I’ve found in town. You really need to check out these joints. 

Go-Go Dancer

Prices for Drinks and the Go-Go Dancers

As with most of the go-go bars in Pattaya, you would be expected to pay 69 Baht (good number) for a draft beer at The Windmill and 80 Baht for a draft beer in the more upscale Sugarbaby Ago Go. Imported beer prices are usually around the 150 Baht mark. As for other alcohol drinks with or without mixers, also expect to pay 150 Baht. And lady drinks are all but standard at 150 Baht in both venues. 

If you're a newbie and not sure how things work here, I find it best to ask one of the staff about the price structures. A tip is to pay for each drink as they arrive. And just so that you don't become moonstruck like I did, or begin frothing at the mouth as soon as you step inside these naughty dens, take a deep breath, spend a minute to grasp the immense aura of your surroundings, and then simply sit down.  

Believe it or not, all the dancers and showgirls at these two establishments are available to take out. That is for a short time or a long time. In fact, if you fancy one of the waitresses, they too (in most cases) will be more than happy to go with you should you play your cards right. It's all about the money. Don't you just love those T-Shirts you find in all the hot spots of Thailand that say - No Money No Honey.

As a guide, expect to pay around 1,500 Baht per girl for a short time and more if you want the girl for the whole night. As far as the all night thing is concerned, it's best to negotiate a price with the girl before heading off. Best to know what you're in for right up front.

Oh! Before I forget, there's also the question of the bar fine, which is typically around 600 Baht. If you want an all-nighter, make sure the hotel you're booked into accepts these naughty girls of the night. Personally, I've never had a problem in this department. More than that, just go out there and have some fun.

This Go-Go Dancer says Hi in Thai

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